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Custom Reverb Combo

Custom Reverb ComboThe Custom Reverb is designed for cleaner tones and relies on power tube saturation for its distortion tones.


  • single-channel amplifier
  • Power Scale™ wattage control
  • 2-octal-tube power amp that allows dissimilar tube combinations
  • 20 or 30 watts output depending on what power tubes are used
  • custom made-in-Canada toroidal transformers
  • foot-switchable gain boost
  • foot-switchable reverb
  • 120/240 VAC mains capability (specify at time of order)

Front Panel

Front Panel

Front-panel items:


Power Scale

Power Scale:

This is the amp's wattage control. Power Scaling technology was developed by Kevin O'Connor at London Power and is used under License Agreement. Lower settings produce less wattage. Higher settings produce more wattage.

Rear Panel

Ultralinear Switch

Ultralinear Switch & Foot Switch Socket:

Ultralinear operation has a smooth, warm sound. The Off position is the standard mode of power amp operation. Generally, lower Power Scale settings sound fuller when the Ultralinear is enabled. The Foot Switch jack is a standard stereo ¼ inch connector for controlling gain boost and reverb.


Speaker Output:

This is the speaker output section. The impedance selector is labelled 1- 2 -3 because any setting can be used with a 4ohm, 8ohm or 16ohm speaker cabinet. Use the setting that you like the best. When using different output tube combinations, listen to the different impedance settings to see which one you like best.

Interested in a Custom Reverb Combo Amplifier? See our Price Page for ordering information!