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Stephenson Front-Vented 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

1x12 Speaker CabinetSpecs:

  • Dimensions: 28" wide x 14" deep x 18" high
  • Single 12-inch speaker
  • Closed back
  • Front vented
  • Approximately 40lbs (varies depending on speaker choice)

In my tone quest over the last 15 years I've been experimenting with getting 4x12 body and tone out of smaller, lighter cabinets. However, it was only fairly recently that I finally found a way to get the natural bottom that comes from a 4x12, using only a single 12-inch driver. I call this cabinet design the "FV 1x12" (Front-Vented 1x12). This cabinet is extremely efficient and has a natural-sounding full bottom. It has that familiar tone and feel of a 4x12 cab. This cabinet design uses a series of unique internal chambers that capture and magnify the low-frequency energy from the rear of the speaker. The extended lows combine with the front of the speaker by exiting the cabinet through two front vents. The result is 4x12 body and feel in a lightweight, compact design using a single 12-inch driver.

Here are a few more photos of the FV. As you can see, there are options when it comes to Tolex colour and grille cloth::

Standard grille cloth is brown/black/gold with gold piping

Cab detail - red
Here we have red Tolex - black metal corners are standard

1x12 back
Closed-back FV design in green Tolex

Closed-back in red
Closed-back FV design in red Tolex

1x12 cab with 20-watt haed
20-watt head in black Tolex with FV cab in plum

1x12 with guitar
Size-referenced against a Les Paul - plum Tolex

1x12 Stack
Full stack for massive tone!

Interested in a 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet? See our Price Page for ordering information!